Mick King co-opted to OA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee have co-opted Mick King to fill the vacancy left on the Committee by Jane Martin’s departure, ahead of elections at the AGM in May 2017.

Mick King was appointed as the new Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman for England on 11 January 2017, succeeding Jane Martin.

Nick Bennett, Vice-Chair, said “I’m pleased to welcome Mick King onto the OA Executive Committee. We have worked together in the past and I know he will bring a huge amount to the Executive. I’m also pleased that during this time of public sector ombudsman reform in the UK we will continue to have broad representation on the Executive.”

Mick King said “I’m delighted to join the OA Executive Committee until May and look forward to contributing to the work of the Association during this time.”

Elections will be held at the AGM on 25 May 2017 to fill the vacant position created by Jane Martin’s departure.



  1. Under the Association’s Rules (7(c)): Any vacancy occurring between Annual Meetings by resignation or otherwise may be filled by the Executive Committee at their discretion until the conclusion of the next Annual Meeting, at which an election shall be held.
  2. The Association’s Rules (8(b)(i) set out that:  The eight members representing Ombudsman Members (including the Chair and Vice-Chair) will ideally include: Two public sector ombudsmen from the UK; Two private sector ombudsmen from the UK; Two ombudsmen from Ireland; One ‘small’ ombudsman scheme (XXS, XS or S budget categories).
  3. Biographies of the Executive Committee members can be found here: www.ombudsmanassociation.org/association-executive.php