OA Service Standards Framework – Consultation

The Ombudsman Association has been developing a Service Standards Framework to set out the public commitments and service standards that people can expect when they use the service of one of our members.

Input from external stakeholders and a public consultation are essential to ensure the Framework is robust, and BSI have been contracted to manage the development of the Framework.  During the development we have been guided by a Steering Group made up of representatives of the Ombudsman Association’s members and external stakeholders from across the sectors and territories that our members operate in.  It was agreed that the scope should be widened to include the service given to organisations that are subject to complaints, as well as the complainants, and the draft has been written accordingly.

A  draft of the Framework is now ready for consultation with all OA members and stakeholders and it can be accessed on the BSI’s draft review system: http://drafts.bsigroup.com/Home/Details/59692

Please note that you are required to register on the site before you are able to view the entire draft and submit comments, and that unfortunately, we are unable to accept comments that are not submitted through this system.

The consultation is running from 16 January until midnight on 12 February 2017, after which all comments will be collated and considered by the Steering Group before final publication of the document in late Spring.