OA response to Money Saving Expert report

The Ombudsman Association shares the vision highlighted in Money Saving Expert’s report that people should have access to an ombudsman in all areas of public services and consumer goods, and that there should be one ombudsman in each sector in order to avoid consumer confusion.

We look forward to engaging with the APPG on Consumer Protection on any inquiry they undertake, to explain how our criteria of Independence, Fairness, Effectiveness, Openness and Transparency, and Accountability, does set the ‘gold standard’ for ombudsman schemes, and to share the work that is being undertaken by our members and by the Association itself to ensure that those values are lived up to in reality.



  • The Ombudsman Association’s membership criteria is recognised as setting the standard for the use of the term ‘ombudsman’ by both the Cabinet Office and Companies House.
  • Further information on the Ombudsman Association’s membership criteria can be found here
  • A list of the Ombudsman Association’s members can be found here