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The Ombudsman Association welcomes the Government of Jersey’s proposals to establish a Jersey Public Services Ombudsman in such a way that it meets our membership criteria. 

  • It is a key aspect of the OA’s criteria that an ombudsman is free to access for all those who have used a service that is within the ombudsman’s jurisdiction.   

  • The JPSO should have the freedom to determine the appropriate remedy in each circumstance and this should not be restricted in legislation.   

  • Giving the JPSO the power to undertake own-initiative investigations and set complaints standards reflects modern best practice.   

  • Including a power for the Chief Minister to request that the JPSO carry out an investigation is unnecessary and risks undermining the JPSO’s independence.   

  • We also recommend that a timetable be set out as to when healthcare providers will come into the JPSO’s jurisdiction. 

Download an accessible PDF of our response below. 


Government of Jersey - Jersey Public Services Ombudsman
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