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Christian Weaver is a barrister at Garden Court North Chambers where his practice encompasses inquests, public inquiries, actions against the state and parole board work. Having previously worked at INQUEST and Liberty and having been a member of the UK’s delegation to the Congress of the Council of Europe, Christian has a broad and practical understanding of human rights, the rule of law and the justice system. Christian invests time educating the public on their legal rights and is author of ‘The Law in 60 Seconds: A Pocket Guide to Your Rights’. He co-facilitated ‘The Law in 60 Seconds Public Legal Education Conference’ in collaboration with the legal charity, The Defendant and The University of Manchester. This was the UK’s first public legal education conference. Christian is on the Management Committee of the Black Barristers’ Network and is a trustee of The Defendant. Christian was elected to the Board in October 2022.