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2024 nominations open for the Outstanding Contribution Award

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Outstanding Contribution Award – nominations now open

We are delighted to announce that nominations for the OA’s 2024 Outstanding Contribution Award are now open!

The Outstanding Contribution Award is awarded on an annual basis to celebrate the contribution that someone has made to the ombudsman sector. The award is aimed at staff of OA members who have made a lasting impact and difference in the sector, to celebrate the outstanding work, dedication and innovation in the ombudsman community.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their significant contribution to the ombudsman sector, whether through an investigation that had a major impact, a positive change resulting from a transformational programme or improvement to the user journey, then please consider nominating them for the award.

The winner of the award will receive free attendance at the OA’s Conference (11-13 June 2024), where the award will be presented, and will be profiled in the OA’s Newsletter and social media. 

Nominations for the award should be put forward by two members of the OA – that can be any staff member of an Ombudsman member, a Complaint Handler member, or an Associate member. The panel will consider the nominations and then decide who has made the most significant contribution to the ombudsman sector from amongst the nominees.

The panel for 2024 will consist of:

Nominations should be submitted to Donal Galligan by 12 April 2024 using the attached form.

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