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OA response to Consumer Protection APPG report

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The Ombudsman Association welcomes that the APPG on Consumer Protection’s report supports our long-held position that people should have access to an ombudsman in all areas of consumer goods and services.

Nick Bennett, the Chair of the Ombudsman Association said, “The APPG’s conclusion that there should be mandatory membership of an ombudsman scheme across the consumer landscape echoes all the recent research and reports in this area and reflects government policy in a number of sub-sectors. There is a clear consensus on the benefits of a single, mandatory ombudsman in each sector; it is time for the Government to take action.”

Donal Galligan, the Director of the Ombudsman Association, added, “We welcome that several of the APPG’s recommendations reflect the core aspects of the Ombudsman Association’s membership criteria and recognised best practice regarding transparency, accessibility and accountability, such as publishing annual reports and designing services to support all users.”

The Ombudsman Association’s criteria of Independence, Fairness, Effectiveness, Openness & Transparency, and Accountability, and our recently published Service Standards Framework set out what represents best practice in providing a service both to complainants and to the organisations complained about.

We look forward to the Government announcing what actions it will take to implement the shared consensus around the need for reform in their report on the Consumer Green Paper consultation.


• The Ombudsman Association’s membership criteria is recognised as setting the standard for the use of the term ‘ombudsman’ by both the Cabinet Office and Companies House.

• Further information on the Ombudsman Association’s membership criteria can be found here

• The Ombudsman Association’s Service Standards Framework was published in May 2017. Our Caseworker Competency Framework was published in October 2018.

• The Ombudsman Association’s submission to the APPG inquiry can be found here

• A list of the Ombudsman Association’s members can be found here

• For further information please contact Donal Galligan, Director, on 07442 496024, or via

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